Financial Aid Application

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Please complete the following information. Be sure to answer all questions completely. Questions with a "yes" or "no" answer will generally require a response in the field following the question.

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*1. For which academic year are you applying?
(Select one academic year per application)

2014-2015     2015-2016

*2. Last Name: *3. First Name: 4. Middle Initial:

 5. Graduating Class:   

*6. Rowan ID Number:
Incoming students must use a Social Security Number unless they have received a Rowan ID Number. If you do not remember your Rowan ID Number, you can recover it via the Rowan Network Access Website.

Please provide your current mailing address to receive Student Financial Aid correspondence:

Current or Local Address (while attending RowanSOM):
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Note: Please complete a Change of Address form if you move and wish to have your Financial Aid correspondence mailed elsewhere.

 Student Contact Information:
*12. Home Phone: () -
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*14. Do you have an E-Mail address? Yes No
 * 15. Do you wish to be considered for Title VII need-based aid?
(ONLY for students in SOM).

Note: Parental income information is required on the FAFSA.

Yes No
  What is TITLE VII Aid? Review "Summary of Major Financial Aid Programs" section in the Financial Aid Packet online.

 * 16. Do you wish to be considered for part-time employment through
the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program?

Yes No
  What is Federal Work Study/Community Service? Review the "Summary of Financial Aid Programs" in the Financial Aid Packet online.

 * 17. Did you receive the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) grant as an undergraduate or graduate student while attending a New Jersey College or University?

Yes No
  What is the Educational Opportunity Fund? Review the "Summary of Financial Aid Programs" in the Financial Aid Packet online.


 * 18. Were you offered the EOF grant by a New Jersey college/university BUT
attended a college/university out of state?
Yes No

 * 19. Do you have any sibling(s) who received EOF as an undergraduate student? Yes No

 * 20. Did you apply for or will you be receiving any outside loan/scholarship and/or tuition remission resources for the upcoming academic year?

Yes No
 * 21. Would you like to receive the maximum amount of financial aid for this academic year to cover your Cost of Attendance?

Yes No

 * 22. Financial Aid Release Consent

I authorize the Student Financial Aid Office to discuss my financial aid with my parent(s), spouse, or any other designated person(s).

Yes No

For any adjustments to your Financial Aid package, please contact your Campus Financial Aid Office.

Click here to view Federal Direct Loan Limits

Penalties for Drug Violations (§ 485(k).)

Any institution of higher education must provide to students, upon enrollment, a notice of the penalties for a drug conviction on the student's federal financial aid. If a student subsequently loses eligibility for federal financial aid as a result of a drug conviction, the institution must notify the student of his or her loss of eligibility and how he or she may regain it.

Please make sure all required questions have been accurately answered before submitting your application.